Super affordable development land for a small eco-villas project

לוס פואנטס, לאס טרנאס


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This impressive plot of land is nestled in the majestic mountains of Las Terrenas, in the beautiful region of Samaná, specifically in the area of Los Puentes.

From this privileged location, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean, combined with a naturally stunning landscape. With an area of 24,000 square meters / 5.9 Acres, this land features a topography characterized by gentle hills, making it an ideal canvas for a single property with a very large lot, a project with a few ocean view villas, or eco-resort.

1) The owner has had a design for a single villa made (initial plans in the pictures). In this option you could purchase a third of the lot for 30 USD / SQM and build you dream home.

2) The current building regulations allow for the creation of up to 12 villas, each with three bedrooms and a construction area of 300 square meters. The resulting villas would be a perfect fusion of luxury and sustainability, offering future residents an unparalleled living experience in an idyllic setting or Airbnb / eco-resort business.

This land offers a unique opportunity to design an eco-friendly architectural concept that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature. Also, the price is below the lowest current market prices for lot with these characteristics which stands at 720,000 USD.

The owner is open to flexible payment terms.

If you need help in the realization, our agency specializes in transforming your dream or project home into reality. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to guiding you through every step of this process, from initial design to delivery, and even commercialization.

With limitless potential and a unique location, this land in Los Puentes represents an exceptional investment opportunity for those looking to contribute to the creation of a paradisiacal haven in the heart of the mountains of Las Terrenas.

Will you take the first step forward?
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עלויות Mngt: 150 $

רווח חודשי: US$-150

הוצאות משפט: 4,800 דולר ארה"ב

דמי העברה: 14,400 $

Yearly Taxes: US$3,130

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החזר השקעה: 0 $

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385,000 דולר
4 מיטות | נבנה 152 מ"ר
385,000 דולר
2 מיטות | נבנה 136 מ"ר
385,000 דולר
2 מיטות | שטח בנוי 160 מ"ר
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